What Sets Us Apart?  Here's What Parents Say

What makes Home Tutoring Solutions stand out from our competition? Our high referral rate comes from high school guidance professionals, parents, and the students themselves who we have helped. That is because we provide a total learning approach that drives self-confidence, builds self-esteem and provides the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Parent Comments:

Home Tutoring Solutions was very helpful in preparing my youngest daughter for her ACT college 
entrance exam. The 1x1 tutoring provided was significantly more effective than the national company hired to help my older daughter. With Home Tutoring Solution’s guidance and training, my daughter, who traditionally achieves about 85% on standardized tests, earned a composite score of 30 on her ACT (about 95%). I would strongly recommend Home Tutoring Solutions to help prepare your child for his or her college entrance exam.
Dan Gartland, Business Development /General Management

Home Tutoring Solutions tutors are professional, organized and efficient. They demonstrate a strong in-depth knowledge of the college preparatory exams and high school curriculum. Our tutor partnered with my daughter to help her gain a better understanding of key points to know about ACT/SAT exams including content, format and differences between the tests. My daughter gained confidence in her ability to perform well on the exams and overcame her anxiety. The easy-going and friendly attitude contributed to the success of the sessions. I highly recommend Home Tutoring Solutions for exam preparation.
Peggy Chevako, Vice President, Manager Health and Welfare Benefits at PNC

Home Tutoring Solutions coached my son, Alec, in math and science to help prepare him for the ACT. As a result, his grades improved and he was accepted into the school of his choice.
Mark Borlin, The Hardware Exchange

Success Stories - Test Results Speak for Themselves

With so much potential to receive thousands of scholarship dollars or to be accepted into the first 
choice school resting on scores, test preparation is important. We recommend sophomore and 
junior high school students take a baseline test to determine their score rank. If additional study 
preparation is needed, consider turning to Home Tutoring Solutions. The following are just a few 
of our success stories.

From the 81st to the 97th percentile
Emily’s final ACT score was elevated from 25 to 30; a change from the 81st to the 97th 
percentile. According to her mother: 

A friend recommended Home Tutoring Solutions after using them for her daughter. I especially 
like that Emily received very  specific individual attention with the tutor watching her take the 
practice test to find out where she struggled. That customized approach made the difference in 
helping her realize her dream!

My husband and I have had a lifelong passion for the arts. We’ve taken Emily to New York to see 
shows ever since she was 2, so it is natural that her ambition is to pursue musical theater and 
acting. Thanks to the tutoring support she received, she is reviewing several offers from schools.

From the 69th to the 97th percentile
This is the best possible outcome. If you score 30 on the ACT that means that you are in the top 4% 
of the country. This is a game changer and it will certainly make a difference when Kat is applying to colleges and you can quote me on that! 

Home Tutoring Solutions note: Kat‘s ACT score went from 23 to a 30 or from the 69th to the 
97th percentile -- an improvement of 28 percentile points. This is almost unheard of, yet we see 
some of these results every year, according to Home Tutoring Solutions co-founder Steve 

From the 85th to the 99th percentile
In only a few sessions, Nick went from the 85th to the 99th percentile. A score of 28 or above 
usually leads to scholarship money. A 32 or above - the highest is a 36 - means a full tuition 
scholarship at many schools! Nick worked hard and followed what the tutor taught him, and his 
results were awesome! He has been accepted into the engineering school of his choice and the 
financial aid package offered is more than $40,000.

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