Test Preparation Services

Every year we assist students in preparation for a wide range of exams. Readiness for these
exams such as the ACT and SAT should begin long before the junior year when most tests are
taken. Best results are achieved and the education process is less stressful when study and
organizational skills are firmly rooted in middle school.

Home Tutoring Solutions test preparation includes, but is not limited to the following tests.
Contact us if you do not see a particular exam on the list.    

  • Study Skill Assessment
  • Test Study Skills
  • Entrance and Achievement Exam Preparation:
    • Achievement Tests:
      • OAA - Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAA) for grades 3-8 measures what students know and are able to do in various subjects
      • OGT - Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT) statewide testing required for students to graduate from high school
    • College Entrance Exams:
      • PSAT - Practice College Entrance Exam (Qualifying exam for National Merit competition)
      • SAT - Scholastic Assessment Test
      • ACT - American College Test
    • Private School Entrance Exams:
      • ISEE - Independent School Entrance Exam
      • SSAT - Secondary School Admission Test
      • HSPT - High School Placement Test
    • Graduate Degree Entrance Exams:
      • GRE - Graduate School Entrance Exam
      • MCAT - Medical College Admission Test
      • LSAT - Law School Admission Counci

College Readiness

We offer help preparing for the ACT and SAT exams, but college readiness should begin long before the junior year when most students take the ACT and SAT. Make sure study and organization skills are strong starting in middle school, and plan to take classes in high school that will enhance college readiness. Honors and AP classes can be important for some colleges and majors, especially at more selective schools. Good writing skills will help with college application essays. Balancing academics, sports, and other activities starting in middle school will help make high school (and eventually college) more manageable. We can help in all of these areas. The earlier you plan for college readiness, the less stressful and more successful the process will be.

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