Your One-Stop Tutoring Solution

What Sets Us Apart?
Whether students pursue a goal or a passionate interest, the combination of our people and our processes is unsurpassed. We deliver teaching when and where you want it without requiring a long-term contract. In fact, our reputation for excellence in the industry means we have a very high referral rate.

Service Brought to You
We serve northeast Ohio and travel to your door, local library, or even a coffee shop – whatever learning environment suits your needs. Our tutors provide focused support where and when you need it

Schedule Flexibility
Home Tutoring Solutions’ staff work with your child’s non-stop school, athletic, work, performing, and volunteer schedule to design a tailored learning approach that meets specific needs and skills.

Teaching Excellence
With years of experience in the subjects they teach, our instructors expertly guide students
through the education and test taking process. And because we have tutored hundreds of students
in a wide range of subjects, we help them achieve both short- and long-term goals based on our
in-depth awareness of educational challenges.

Potential Scholarship Gains
Our students’ increased test scores have meant thousands in scholarship dollars -- often many times more than the initial study investment. These elevated scores have helped open doors of the most competitive learning institutions. And some of our results have been amazing!

Special Needs Accomodations
Individuals with special needs often have trouble learning concepts and acquiring skills in a traditional classroom environment. Our educators help promote strategies using the child's strengths and interests to help overcome learning obstacles. These learning accommodations help our students meet the same educational objectives as their nondisabled peers.

Enrichment Tutoring
Home Tutoring Solutions fills needs traditional institutions cannot. We strive to enhance each student's learning experience by challenging them to reach new heights. Individuals needing extra coursework or wanting to study subjects in more depth than the required curriculum would benefit most. 

Life-Long Learning Skills
Passing a course is not the end of an education journey. Home Tutoring Solutions integrates life-long learning skills into our entire curriculum to help each student gain more than learning the course material being taught.

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